The Tesla Death Ray Gun

The Death Ray Gun.


The Death Ray Gun was invented by Nikola Tesla 1856 -


The Death Ray Gun is a weapon based on the Death Ray or Death Beam, a particle beam generator invented by Tesla in 1914.


The death Ray Gun was the first handheld particle beam generator in the world and developed by Tesla between 1918 and 1920.


The first prototype was not very effective, newer versions were deadlier.

The last version that also went into production is deadly within a range of 100 meters, it produces a deadly power of about 400.000 volts.


Since then, more powerfull versions were developed, but they were all too heavy to be carried by soldiers, these versions were added to tanks, built into drones and the Sentinel.

On this page you will only find the handheld version.


Tesla death ray gun

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Tesla death ray gun
Tesla death ray gun