Into Other Worlds

A Journey into Other Dimensions

My dear friend,

Sometimes inspiration does not come from daily life.

Often the source of inspiration

seems to come from much deeper, much farther away.

During dreams and meditation,

realms are visited in far away places.

Worlds like ours, but just a bit different.

They might be in the past, they could be in the future.

So far away and yet so close.

Some call them parallel worlds, some call them the afterlife,

you might too, my dear friend.

All the objects that you will find in this gallery

I brought back from my travels into other worlds.

Most of them I brought back with me, in my mind.

These objects might look common, but they are not though.

These objects might look familiar,

but they are still a bit different from what we know.

The same applies to some of their mentioned creators.

Some of them we know, some we do not know, and some we will never know.

That is, my dear friend, how it goes in these Other Worlds...

          Tempus Vincit. . .

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