The Interdimensional Navigator

Into Other Worlds

A Journey into Other Dimensions

The Interdimensional Navigator.

The Interdimensional Navigator  was also invented by me, Leendert Meridium Litus (1950-2041)

The Interdimensional Navigator is in essence a combination of the Space Time Compression Device and the Timeline Synchronizer.

It is basically a time travel apparatus or time machine.

Initially my plan was to add the space time compression device to my timeline synchronizer, I found this was not practical, reason being  the device became too bulky.

I had to adopt a different approach, I had to start from scratch again.

The device could not be a fixed device, it should be movable for reasons to be explained later.

The main requirements are that  the complete device should fit in a car, it should also have a limited weight to allow an average person to carry it  in and out of the car.

The device should also be independent of outside energy sources for a certain period of time.

This was asking for a modular design, as you can see from the pictures the whole device consist of a number of modules which I will explain in a later stage, (although I am not sure if this is still relevant because I created a newer version whereby the Timeline Synchronizer is built into a satellite which with help of NASA was brought into orbit in 1989).

I have added a number of photos to give you an idea of my "old" Interdimensional Navigator.

inter dimensional navigator
interdimensional navigator