The Time Machine

Into Other Worlds

A Journey into Other Dimensions

The Time Machine.

The Time Machine or Interdimensional Navigator  was also invented by me, Leendert Meridium Litus (1950-2041)

The Interdimensional Navigator is in essence a combination of the Space Time Compression device and the Timeline Synchronizer.

It is basically a time travel apparatus or time machine.

The initial version of  the Interdimensional Navigator was still too bulky, my plan was to built the Space Time Compression device in a suitcase and have the Timeline Synchronizer somewhere else.

After the initial testing I think the device is ready for a extensive field test including voyages to the different dimensions.

The advanced version of the Interdimensional Navigator.

Although I stated earlier that the Timeline Synchronizer  is not a time travel device some of its features like the GPosS or gravitational positioning system will facilitate the development of my space time compression device to a great extent.

This advanced version of the Timeline Synchronizer is built into a satellite that is launched with the special help of NASA (STS-33) . In order to accomplish this I had to travel back to 1989 using my older equipment.

The Timeline Synchronizer and my Space Time Compression device together will function as a very accurate Interdimensional Navigator or time machine, but more over that later when the next test phase is completed.

timeline synchronizer
time machine or space compression device
itime machine or space compression device
time machine or space compression device
time machine or space compression device