The Timeline Synchronizer

The Timeline Synchronizer

The Timeline Synchronizer  was invented by me,

Leendert Meridium Litus (1950-2041)

The Timeline Synchronizer  is a device that will allow a person to correct decisions, wrong or right, that he made in the past.

What is a parallel universe?

A parallel universe is an alternate universe which exists separately from our own, some theories of physics postulate the existance of many parallel universes, possibly even an infinite number.

Depending on the details of that theory these universes may or may not interact with each other.

The theories involving parallel universes are generally accepted in Quantum Mechanics.

An alternate or parallel universe is a universe very similar to the prime universe we think we live in, it is a world which slightly deviates from our own because of the different choices that were made.

Each day people are presented with choices . A new universe is created with each choice that is made. The theory of alternate universes is called the “Multiverse” theory because it provides that there are an infinite amount of universes existing simultaneously.

The quantum multiverse creates a new universe when a diversion in events occurs, as in the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Looking at Time as a set of parallel universes.

                                                                                                                        According to one theory, each time frame is related to a particular universe. For example, there is a parallel universe where the First World War is being fought and another where the Second World War is being fought and won by the Allies. Similarly, there is a universe where the Allies have lost. Time travel, according to this theory, is merely travelling from one parallel universe to the other, or from one timeline to the other.

Looking at Time as a railroad switching yard.

Imagine sitting in a train, you go from A to B, from the past to the future, we can call this a timeline, regulary the train encounters switches, you might as in the previous example be in the train where the Allies won the Second World War.

If the switches, which by the way you cannot influence, had steered the train to another direction the train might have ended up where Hitler won the Second World War.

You also might change trains on different stations, here you are influancing your future (at least that is what you are thinking), and you might again end up in a different virtual future or timeline.

What is the purpose of the Timeline Synchronizer?

The Timeline Synchronizer makes a person retrace a decision in the past and to identify that point in a timeline just before that particular decision was made. This will allow the person to reconsider that decision and to follow a different timeline.

For a good understanding the Timeline Synchronizer is not a Time travel device (although it uses some of the principles of the Chronovisor), it is a device that will help a person to correct the outcome of mistakes in the past and to jump to another timeline at the present day.

timeline synchronizer
timeline synchronizer
timeline synchronizer
timeline synchronizer
timeline synchronizer
timeline synchronizer
timeline synchronizer

More advanced purposes for the Timeline Synchronizer.

Although I stated earlier that the Timeline Synchronizer  is not a time travel device some of its features like the GPosS or gravitational positioning system will facilitate the development of my space time compression device to a great extent.

The two together will function as a very accurate time machine, but more over that later when the test phase is completed.

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